Colombia Tierra Querida

I haven’t written in a while due to school and the hectic lifestyle that brought, but now that I am officially done university, and am travelling again I figured it was about time to pick up where I left off.

I left for Bogota, Colombia about 15 days ago where I was meeting one of my best friends, Marcela to stay with her and her 2-year old son Santiago. I met Marcela about a year and a half ago while working in Ecuador. I really have no words to describe the friendship I have with her. Although I’ve known her for a short time, I think of her as a sister, and we both agree that it was some sort of destiny that we were supposed to meet at some point (as cheesy as that may sound). We have such a great connection, and she truly understands the way I think and see the world, which most people do not.


I arrived to Bogota to Marcela, Jenifer and Santiago with this sign and flowers at the airport.

I spent 10 days in Colombia with them, which seemed to fly by since we packed so much into such few days. On my first full day in Bogota, we went to ‘El Santuario de Manserrate’ which is at the top of the main mountain in Bogota approximately 3152 meters above sea level. As you can probably imagine, it was an amazing view…one that makes you realize just how tiny you really are in the grand scheme of it all. I personally don’t think that the pictures do it justice, so if you’re reading this, add Monserrate to your list of places to travel to

Although Bogota is beautiful, I have to admit that Medellin was my favourite part. We took an overnight bus (9 hours) from Bogota to Medellin, which actually turned out to be a terrible experience since the bus ride was very curvy and the lady beside me got motion sick. She threw up the entire ride there, and I was probably the only one who couldn’t sleep through this since I have such a weak stomach, I thought I was going to be sick too…but it turned out to be worth it as Medellin was absolutely stunning.

On our second day in Medellin, we traveled to the most beautiful place ever called Guatape which was just about an hour outside of the city. I already decided that I’m going to buy a farm there because it is the most relaxing place with such great views.

In Guatape there is this huge rock, called la Piedra del Peñol, which is just under 1000 steps to climb, but once you get to the top you have the most unbelievable view. Within the town of Guatape, all of the houses and buildings are so colourful and inviting, another reason why I fell in love with this town.


Although this country has suffered greatly from violence and internal conflict, I have to say it is definitely recovering and becoming one of the most modern countries in South America. It’s a wonderful country, and I truly believe that Colombian people are some of the most amazing and kind people I will ever have the chance to meet.

Que viva Colombia!!

Paz y amor
xoxo E


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